GPS Simulator program

for Windows

Setup program

The program is freeware for personal use.

In the edit boxes you can type the coordinates of latitude and longitude of the start position
Because GPS unit have different decimal digits you can select the number of digits from the drop down box.

Course : Type the heading (0-360)
Speed   : Type the speed in kts (0-999)
Altitude : Type the altitude in m.

When you are finished with the inputs click on the Make GPS data button and the program starts to generate data which are available on the COM port and on the screen.
If you want to make some changes in position, speed , heading or altitude simply click on the STOP button.
Make the changes and click on the Make GPS data button again.
Leave the program by clicking the EXIT button.

New version 1.0a

Changes from ver. 1.0 : Fixed bug in number of decimals in latitude and longitude.
Program decription (pdf)

Download GPS simulator program and decription