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OZ4HZ APRS tracker

with AT89C4051

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 version 2 software
      with packet decoder

  Monterings vejledning
       for version 2

  Tracker with 5W TX

Tracker details:
  Components on PCB
  Assembly instructions
  Monterings vejledning
  Beskrivelse af tracker
  Bill of material (pdf)
   HEX code (zip)
  Assembler code (zip)
  PCB files


  Tracker configuration
  GPS simulator

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APRS tracker from OZ4HZ

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Last updated 19 FEB 2013
APRS tracker with similar
function as Tinytrack
but using a AT89C4051 or AT89S4051 ( in ver 2 )
microcontroller and
a switching regulator for very low power consumption and
with power output to a GPS unit.

!! 8 DEC 2008 !!
There are corrections
to the Configuration
more info here